Product: Magical Soap

Considering that a lot of all this enviro crap is anti-consumerism on the whole, there’s a lot of hubbub about this product versus that.  But the truth is there are some things you’re just not gonna go without, and that’s why making the right choice is important.  Of this soap is a prime example.


This crazy old dude (and he is crazy) holding a bottle of soap the size of the Milky Way is a genius.  His product, Dr Bronner’s Magic All-One Soap, is fucking awesome.  

We just switched to this stuff in our house, and I am very impressed.  We bought it originally to use as body wash because it’s organic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable (non-biodegradable chemicals are problematic to say the least), cruelty free with no animal testing, vegan, with no detergents or foaming agents.  It’s also got a great ingredients list featuring healthy, sustainable oils such as hemp, olive, and coconut.  But anyway, we liked it so much that we decided to try it on some more of the whopping eighteen uses that it boasts.  So far I’ve used it as body wash, hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap, and I even scrubbed the stove.  Not only did everything come super clean (even the blackened grease gunk of the stove!), I was able to use very little, and it was gentle and moisturizing on my skin.  It lathered fantastically well, worked quickly, and lasted a long time.  Not only that, but in terms of body wash it’s cheaper than your average brands like Dove, and in comparison to detergents, particularly natural ones, it’s moderately affordable (especially if you buy it in bulk on ebay :P).  Oh and it smells good!  

This shit is amazing.  I strongly recommend that everyone try it out, and if you like it make an effort to replace as many of your synthetic, harmful chemicals with it as possible.  If everyone did that… omg the world would be a better place.

UPDATE: I have now tried it as a facial cleanser as well.  Holy crap! Wow!  It didn’t dry out my skin at all!  Mind you, my skin is pretty tough - I don’t know whether or not it would be suitable for sensitive skin, but it worked really well for me.  My face is all clean and soft.  I’m astounded!  I’ve also tried it as a shampoo.  My hair is soft and shiny!  And as an insecticide on my bonsai.  It’s working and the tree seems much healthier (which is great because bonsais are really finicky).  And I mixed a tablespoon with 16oz of water in a spray bottle to use as an all purpose cleaner.  Seems to work just as well as Lysol!

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